Contact with rural entrepreneurs who have there own production but don’t have marketing ideas. Gather the information. Define their problem. Find out there product customers and promote their goods to online for sale through our (E-commerce) site.
It’s a one stop website where business owners can create there store and promote their products here.
If any one doesn’t able to create their store or don’t have any idea to run the store. Our support will create their store or we’ll run their store with a very little service charge.

Target consumer
Bangladesh is our main target. We are looking for online customers.
After 1 year we will go for international market. We will add international payment gateway to our site. It’ll ensure customers the security of online purchasing.

Relevant market status
The market value is rising day by day. The People of Bangladesh are getting prepare to purchase online. The infrastructure of Bangladesh is getting digitize day by day. And that’s why the market is growing day by day.
It’s the great time to start online business on Bangladesh. We are very hopeful about this business.
We are very prospering and committed to this e-commerce business.

Description of product or service
Our business is e-commerce. We will sale online the product of Bangladesh. Products are Women wear, Handicrafts, Men’s wear. We will provide wholesale & retail sale opportunity to our root level entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. We will broadcast these products to the whole world through our website. And they will get more orders and more profit.
After a while entrepreneurs from other countries can join our web-store.


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